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Know Our Knights: Jerry Murphy

Degree: Fourth

Hometown: Clinton, Iowa

Jerry Murphy was born and raised Catholic in Clinton, Iowa, and now serves as one of the founders who helped to establish the council that lives today.

St. Ambrose College in Davenport, Iowa, was home to Jerry for a few years where he ended up majoring in accounting and business. After Jerry graduated with his degree, it wasn’t long before he found his way to the Des Moines area.

Jerry began selling Burroughs Computers and eventually moved to a company that ran Burroughs Computers. From there, accounting jobs led Jerry into Des Moines, and he has called it home since.

Jerry’s family joined the St. Francis of Assisi Parish within their first year in Des Moines along with the first year of the parish opening its doors. St. Francis of Assisi was starting a Knights of Columbus council as the parish grew larger, and almost 90 members helped to bring the council to its feet. The council celebrated 20 years just before COVID-19 struck, and Jerry still serves as a Knight.


Jerry and his wife have three children together and have welcomed three grandchildren to the family that all live in Des Moines.

Both Jerry and his wife grew up in Catholic families, and Jerry had hopes of becoming a Knight before moving to Des Moines. Once at St. Francis of Assisi, Jerry was able to plant roots in his current council.


Jerry is a past Grand Knight and served during 2015 and 2016.

Before COVID-19, the Knights worked hard on fundraising to put together a scholarship fund for students looking to attend Catholic institutions. To do this, Jerry helped run concession stands and concerts.

Jerry has participated in events such as Friday night Lenten fish fries, Pies for the Parish, free-throw shooting contests, roses for Mothers Day, and several other activities.

Jerry and his oldest son recently volunteered at the VA hospital, helping to finish create a therapy garden for veterans with disabilities.

“I believe strongly in what the Knights stand for, charity, unity, and fraternity,” Jerry says. “Most of my friends are men at St. Francis of Assisi that are in the Knights of Columbus. It has been a great way to make friendships and to volunteer to help people in need, support the parish, support the priest, and I really enjoy doing that with my friends.”

Jerry thinks it’s important for young Knights to make friends and get involved.

“God tells us that we need community and the Knights of Columbus allow men a great opportunity to be in community with fellow Catholic men,” he says.

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