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Know Our Knights: Dalton Fabian

Degree: Fourth

Member since: 2013-2014

Hometown: Waukesha, Wisconsin

Dalton Fabian was born and raised Catholic in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and now serves as one of the youngest members of St. Francis of Assisi Knights of Columbus Council 12422.

Dalton attended Drake University to pursue a degree in pharmacy. A spark of interest in computer science led to learning programming and data analytics, which led to a minor in data analytics to accompany his pharmacy degree. While going through rotations, Dalton met a data scientist at UnityPoint Health that inspired his career path. The combination of what Dalton was learning in pharmacy school combined with data analytics led him to where he is now, working on the data science team at UnityPoint Health.

Dalton attended St. Catherine of Siena while at Drake University and joined the Knights of Columbus during his junior year. With a newly formed group at “St. Cates,” Dalton and a few of his roommates joined the council.

“We would mostly help other councils with their events,” Dalton said. “During fish fry season, we would go to Altoona, and they would give us money towards our council to put on events.”

After graduating from Drake, Dalton’s former girlfriend (now wife), Elizabeth, moved to West Des Moines, and the two began attending St. Francis of Assisi parish. While at a fish fry, Dalton mentioned transferring to the St. Francis of Assisi council and was overheard by a Knight who knew just how to help.

Dalton and Elizabeth will be celebrating four years of marriage this upcoming month. The two met their first week at Drake University and continued dating throughout their time there.

Mom's side being Catholic and dad's side being Lutheran, Dalton was raised Catholic. Throughout school, Dalton had a strong group of friends, including his wife, that helped share in his faith by attending St. Cates.


Dalton participates in many fish fries and contributes with his skills in technology to the Knights as their Director in Technology.

By starting and running the Knights social media platforms, Dalton has helped fellow Knight Ryan Johnson on the technology factor within the Knights.

Dalton enjoys that the Knights support great groups and organizations. “We raise money for the church and I have been able to use technology to make things available to the Knights like Facebook and I love that because it is what I enjoy,” Dalton said.

Like many Knights, Dalton encourages young Knights to start simply by just doing one thing. “What has worked for me is to pick one thing that you are interested in, don’t feel pressured to do every single thing,” Dalton said.

“I have learned that in my professional life and in Knight life, picking one thing and sticking with it will lead to you being involved in other things,” he said. “When I first became the technology person it was just the Facebook and Instagram profile, over time it has evolved into more.”

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