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September 2012 Field Agent Message

By , September 18, 2012 9:40 pm

Dear Brother Knights:

Since 2003, each September has been designated as Life Insurance Awareness Month. Like most awareness-raising campaigns, Life Insurance Awareness Month was created because there is an overwhelming lack of understanding of the product among the general public. Each year, the Life Insurance Market Research Association (LIMRA)puts out the results from a recent survey, and unfortunately, the numbers they report continue to be discouraging.

A recent survey found that 76 percent of people polled did not have a personal financial advisor. Sixty-eight percent of that same survey group said their opinion of the current economic conditions was somewhat unfavorable or very unfavorable.

In other words, a majority of those surveyed were uncomfortable with the economy and the uncertainty it brings, yet they did not seek professional assistance. Maybe they spoke with their friends and family. Maybe they hoped the instability would go away on its own. Maybe they did not know to whom to turn.

The Knights of Columbus can provide you stability and products you need and can afford. Please remember that as a member of the Knights of Columbus, you have a full-time, professional agent you can call your own. My primary responsibility is the care and service of your family’s life insurance, retirement, disability income and long-term care needs. I’ll answer your questions because I want your decisions to be informed ones. I want to help.

Another LIMRA statistic said 43 percent of people did not buy life insurance because they worry about “making the wrong decision.” A good number of those without life insurance realize the need and value of coverage; but are overwhelmed by the choices and types of policies available. Talk with me, and, afterwards, you’ll understand that the only wrong decision was not protecting your family’s future sooner.

God Bless,
Rob Ryan

August 2012 Field Agent Message

By , August 1, 2012 7:59 pm

Dear Brother Knights:

I am a dedicated Knight, as are all of you who read this column. As the insurance agent for
your council, my role as a Knight is somewhat different than yours. My goal is to meet with each of my
assigned members at least once a year to make sure their insurance needs are covered. In addition to
this, I have a number of smaller goals that help me accomplish my main one. Among these is the need to
recruit new members.

I want to help this council achieve the coveted Star Council Award. I want all the eligible Catholic
males in the area to become Knights so they and their families can be part of this great Order. To that
end, I am here to help this council with its recruiting efforts.

Remember, most men who could join but haven’t yet are merely waiting to be asked. They likely
do not know about the many good deeds done by the Order and its members on an annual basis. It is
our job to ask them and tell them that with minimal commitment, they too could be Knights.

I make my living and support my family by talking about the Order and the benefits of
membership. I would be more than happy to speak with any potential candidates, especially those who
may be right under your nose. Is your father, brother, cousin or neighbor a member? How about the
man sitting in the next pew at Mass? Strike up a conversation and see where it goes.

To fulfill Father McGivney’s vision is our goal. Growing the Order and educating all members
about the benefits of being an insured member is the way to do it.

Rob Ryan FICF, CSA


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