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St. Joseph’s Emergency Family Shelter Playground Build

By , April 28, 2013 9:40 pm

On April 20, nine men from St. Francis Knights of Columbus and 4 from Graham Construction worked to build a Playground at St. Joseph’s Emergency Family Shelter. The Shelter often has many young children that are in residence, and they were all excited to learn that they were getting a playground! Bob Rafferty, Rob Szalay, Steve Hauschilt, David Barry, David Heeren, Steve Cashman, Bob Bell, Dave Addicks and Bob Pederson (all from our council) work tirelessly to complete the construction in one day. Work involved digging holes by hand, carrying heavy steel parts, grading and leveling the ground and moving huge quantities of mulch. Though the work was hard, all had a great time worked with a smile on their faces. The project truly had God’s blessing, for after three straight days of lousy weather, the clouds parted, the rain stopped and the temperature was just right for construction.

A pat on the back goes to all that gave up a Saturday at home to volunteer for this worthy project.

Preparing the construction site

Preparing the construction site

Dave Addicks(K of C) pouring concrete with Pat Nesvedt(Diocese of Des Moines)

Dave Addicks(K of C) pouring concrete with Pat Nesvedt(Diocese of Des Moines)

David Barry(K of C) and Joey(Graham Construction) using lasers to make sure it is all level

David Barry(K of C) and Joey(Graham Construction) using lasers to make sure it is all level

Bob Rafferty still working hard after 7 hours

Bob Rafferty still working hard after 7 hours

Steve Cashman mentoring the younger guys on how to pour dirt out of a wheel barrow

Steve Cashman mentoring the younger guys on how to pour dirt out of a wheel barrow

Finished at last

Finished at last

Also see blog post on Iowa Knights of Columbus site. 

Activity – Blood Drive

By , September 18, 2012 9:04 pm

Schedule your appointment online at, call 800.287.4903., or contact Bob Pedersen at 515-222-1235. Please bring a valid form of identification, such as your donor ID card or driver’s license.

Action required: Healthcare – Abortion

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By , March 9, 2010 8:40 am

The debate on health care legislation has now reached its final and most critical stage, with final votes expected in Congress within the next two weeks.

The legislation is being fast-tracked through Congress using a rare parliamentary maneuver known as “reconciliation.” This procedure will push the bill through Congress over the objections of a bipartisan group of lawmakers in the House of Representatives that wants to remove abortion funding from the bill.

Very soon the House will be asked vote on a Senate bill containing provisions that would overturn the thirty-year federal policy against tax-dollar funding of abortion. If the Senate bill is approved by the House, it goes immediately to the President’s desk and will be enacted into law. A second “reconciliation” bill will then be voted on by both houses to make changes to the new law. These changes will not amend the abortion mandates enacted through the Senate bill.

The American Catholic bishops oppose the Senate bill, calling it “deficient” because it contains multiple pro-abortion provisions and federal subsidies for abortion. It allows for federal dollars to flow to abortion providers in community health centers; it allows for federal subsidies for overall health plans that cover abortion. Lastly, it provides no conscience protection for those who refuse to participate in abortion.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers, including brother Knight Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI), is working to ensure that health care legislation contains language that would ban abortion funding. They need the support of brother Knights from across the United States.

I urge you to encourage every Knight in your state to contact their representatives in Congress. Ask them to go to the Knights of Columbus homepage at for instructions on contacting Congress.

Your immediate action is critical. If the Senate bill becomes law, it will be the largest expansion of abortion in our country since Roe v. Wade.


Carl A. Anderson

Supreme Knight

Free Throw Contest Results

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By , January 18, 2010 2:58 pm

We had a very successful Free Throw event on Sunday, 1-17-2010. Volunteers and participants had fun, and the champions will go to Norwalk on Feb 14th at noon to hone their skills against other champions. The following are the SFA champions, and how many free throws made:

10 year olds: Katie Godfredsen (8/15)  Reilly Smidt (12/15)

11 year olds: Molly McIlhon (8/15)  Ross Otto (11/15)

12 year olds: Marcus Topping (12/15)

13 year olds: Luke VanderMillen (11/15)

God bless the Free Throw participants, and may the champions have successful at the next level.

New Shirt Orders

By , November 11, 2009 4:17 pm

The members of the council have requested a dress shirt. Dennis Hagedorn and I have met with Steve Smith from Smith Promotional and have come up with three shirts we will be looking into offering. These are on a a pre-pay, pre-order basis.

The poplin blend shirt is french blue. The cotton blend is is a darker french blue and is stain resistant. The light khaki shirt is a rayon blend (says wash in cold on delicate or dry clean)

Sizes range from small to 5x. Available in tall (for an extra charge)

Also at order is a navy blue windshirt. The windshirt is lined and has slash pockets.

I will place the order in mid December and have attached an order form. Fill out the form and mail back to Tom Ladd, 7102 Dakota Dr., WDM 50266 or get to me or Dennis Hagedorn by the December meeting. Checks should be made out to the Knights of Columbus.

Any questions contact me at


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